Developing Abu Dhabi's Quality Infrastructure to enable global distinction of the Emirate.


To lead, facilitate and develop an efficient, effective and globally integrated quality infrastructure in Abu Dhabi that promotes a culture of quality, enhances industrial development and competitiveness as well as ensures consumer safety.


Transparency, Goal orientation, Initiative, Innovation and Commitment

The Council Services

Consumer & Market Services

Abu Dhabi government seeks for fairer and safer market within the emirate; where the import and export of consumer products are being properly inspected and monitored.

Conformity Services Department

A specification is a document that is issued by consensus, and then approved by a recognized body. The specifications provide rules, guidelines, or specifications for specific products or services in order to achieve the optimal system. Specifications become regulations if approved by law. Specifications usually focus on performance in order to minimize technical obstacles. The establishment of the Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity Council came under local law No. (3) for the year 2009 to review and improve specifications in Abu Dhabi.

Laboratory Services

Central testing laboratory (CTL) was established by merging 9 government laboratories in Abu Dhabi into one central setup to ease quality and safety based testing under one roof in addition to reducing the cost of testing services. The laboratory's current capabilities include testing water, medicines, foodstuffs and building materials with a vision to expand services in the future in sectors such as medical materials and electrical appliances. In addition to analytical testing solutions. CTL provides inspection, certification, advisory, research and training services for both industrial sector and consumers according to the requirements and needs, thereby contributing to the development of quality infrastructure in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

Emirates Metrology institute
Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity Council has lunched the Trustmark (AbuDhabi Trustmark) which indicates product's compliance with safety, environmental and performance standards, in addition to administrative and production systems compliance with the conformity Program

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