History of QCC

As one of the youngest modern economies in the world, policy makers in Abu Dhabi had the opportunity to learn from the experiences of developed economies that have succeeded in building a robust quality infrastructure.

The evolution of many quality infrastructure chains in many countries was studied – from Singapore that made a transition from agriculture and fishery to a knowledge-based economy, to the federal and local dynamic of Australia and the USA, the public and private collaboration of the UK and the successful association of a nation with quality as in the case of Germany and Japan. Learning from all of these well-established economies was taken into consideration to kick-start Abu Dhabi’s quality journey.

The Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity Council (QCC) was established in accordance with Local Law No. (3) of 2009. It is a council of Abu Dhabi’s regulators and industry that aims to raise the quality of Abu Dhabi’s exports as well as products traded locally. QCC protects Abu Dhabi’s consumers and contributes to enabling a diversified economy.

 QCC launched its first service in February 2011.

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