The Customer Service Excellence Charter is a manifestation of values, practices and principles that QCC is committed to provide through its customer service employee  via different mediums such as direct contact, phone calls, website and email.

Objectives of the Customer Service Excellence Charter

QCC is committed to offering an excellent and high quality customer service through a team that is proactive and transparent in dealing with various customer segments.

The charter aims to:

  • Highlight the customers’ rights and duties towards QCC
  • Highlight the available tools to raise complaints or ask questions
  • Work continuously to develop customer service methods and tools to make QCC further prepared to meet its customers’ demands and offer excellent services.

Duties of QCC’s employee:

  • Service Excellence: To work constantly on offering high quality services that satisfy our customers and exceed their expectations.
  • Customer Focused: To be respectful, transparent and fair, and to continuously enhance relations with customers through providing unique services
  • Credibility and Empowerment: To meet the customers’ requests promptly and professionally, and to ensure the confidentiality and accuracy of information.
  • Collaboration and Teamwork: To constantly provide support to colleagues, creating a stimulating teamwork environment in order to meet the customers’ needs on time.
  • Continuous Development: To support and encourage available opportunities to meet the requests of customers.

Our Commitment towards Customers:

  • Elegance: Joyful, cheerful and delicate are traits that the council employees possess.
  • Healthy Environment: Providing you with comfortable, clean and accessible service reception areas.
  • Instant Service: Directing you to the concerned  employee who will ensure his/her demands are met. 
  • Prompt Service: To respond to verbal requests and phone calls, and to simplify the  procedures in order to provide you with a prompt and smooth service.
  • Commitment: Respecting time and dedication at work.
  • Professionalism: To provide a professional and cooperative team that responds to all customers’ questions and solves them on time.
  • Clear Communication: Providing clear explanation of the information on all documents, procedures and the fees required for all services.
  • Provide the service easily: To provide services according to the times and channels that suit you the most.
  • Quality: To offer high quality services that meet your expectations.
  • Confidentiality: To ensure the confidentiality of any issues that you face with the services provided by our customer service team.
  • Service Level: To provide you with the best services through implementing the necessary measures based on your suggestions.

What we ask from you:

  • Evaluate our services and provide feedback through the government call center.
  • Provide your feedback and suggestions transparently to help us improve our services.

Handling Complaints:

  • Credibility: Dealing with customers transparently and fairly without any prejudice.
  • Responsibility: To receive and deal with complaints with complete professionalism.
  • Proficiency: To provide a prompt response on all cases putting maximum effort to solve them on time.
  • Positivity: Innovative ideas that can be implemented to face challenges of complaints. 
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