Dr. Helal Humaid AL Kaabi

QCC Secretary General

The Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity Council since its establishment in 2009, has been committed to develop the quality infrastructure of Abu Dhabi. The aim has been to achieve leadership and be a scientific reference in standardization and conformity assessment, as well as in upgrading the specifications and quality of local products, services and individuals. All this have helped enhance consumer safety and protection, develop industry and other vital sectors of the emirate, and to ensure their competitiveness. 

The Council was granted wide powers to apply its legal and national roles and responsibilities, and to oversee the quality framework across verticals. The Council has been able to do this in cooperation with its partners by implementing numerous initiatives and projects.

The strategy which contributed significantly to the development of Abu Dhabi’s quality infrastructure was in accordance with international best practices, reflecting its positive impact on partners and key sectors of the Emirate. This has significantly contributed to the progress of the UAE as endorsed by global indicators in quality infrastructure. The most important of these strategic initiatives implemented in the Emirate are as follows:

• Establishment of the Central Testing Laboratory, which has now become a scientific reference in examination and conformity assessment services in the Emirate. The laboratory has greatly contributed to meeting the needs of government agencies across segments, and the most important of these are: Food and beverages, Building and construction materials, Environment and agriculture, Medicines and medical devices, and Cosmetics.

• The establishment of the Emirates Metrology Institute, which is now the UAE’s National Institute of Measurement. It is also an official representative in the International Bureau of Weights and Measures. The laboratory maintains the highest national measurement standards, and ensures top notch calibration and measurement accuracy in the country.

• Establishing a monitor and control system on the products traded in the markets by ensuring its quality, and if need be, by recalling risky products. Under this system, legal measurement tools in the Emirate are verified across commercial scales, including those of precious metals and perfumes, petrol station meters, tire pressure devices, medical devices such as temperature meters and blood pressure gauges. This has contributed to raising safety standards across public health and the environment as well as enhancing the integrity and fairness of the markets, in turn protecting the interests of consumers and public institutions in Abu Dhabi.
• The Council also harmonize the specifications, standards and technical guides adopted by the various government agencies in the Emirate, thereby unifying the requirements of government agencies and saving effort, time and money in economic sectors, while helping raise production capacities.

The distinguished and pioneering achievements achieved by Abu Dhabi in quality infrastructure would not have been possible without the continuous support of the leadership and the wise government for the Council’s various projects, and the support of our strategic partners from both the public and private sectors, We do look forward to expanding these partnerships in the future too, because of its significant positive impact on the vital sectors of Abu Dhabi, as the Council, in cooperation with its partners, have formed a practical model for integration and cooperation, and implementation of national initiatives, projects and programs.
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