Abu Dhabi, 08 August , 2022: The Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity Council (QCC) said that it carried out inspections and audits on 22,439 products in the markets of Abu Dhabi in the second quarter of the year, including checks on 20,489 products in commercial outlets during field visits and 1,950 online products. According to a report of the performance indicators of the Council’s Markets and Consumer Services sector, verifications were conducted on 3,015 legal measurement devices, 590 packaged products numbering 99,729 samples.


During the inspections, the Council recalled 13 products amounting to 484 commodities, while 7 products totaling 2,877 items were rectified.  The Council also called off 7 products that were recalled in international markets. .

His Excellency Khalaf Al Mazrouei, Executive Director of the Markets and Consumer Services Sector said that the Council is committed to ensuring the safety of products traded in the markets and this is done by monitoring and sample testing products in laboratories to verify that they comply with the Abu Dhabi specifications and technical regulations.

He said that the 2022 Q2 performance indicators reflected the dedication of QCC to ensure fair trade practices in the emirate, where exports and imports of goods are subject to control, implemented in cooperation with competent authorities, enabling the Council to play an oversight role to make sure the products traded in the markets are safe and hazard-free.

He said that the Council manages product recalls from the market, accompanied by public warnings, ensuring effective implementation  and follow up based on incoming consumer reports on hazards resulting from the use of products that do not conform to specifications and technical regulations. The Council in such cases   combs the markets for such products that are recalled, while promoting matching programs and direct interaction with consumers.

His Excellency Khalaf Al Mazrouei said that the Council also ensures through its verifications that legal measurement devices used in the markets as well as pre-packed products comply with technical specifications and regulations. The Council also rolls out market monitoring campaigns to ensure implementation of product recalls. .

He stressed that it is important to raise awareness among consumers to limit use or consumption of products that do not conform to technical specifications and regulations through communication channels, the most important of which is the Government Contact Center, Abu Dhabi via the phone number 800555. Such activities help the Council enhance its role in carrying out control and inspection of non-food consumer products, in turn achieving the strategic objective of making the markets of Abu Dhabi safe and fair.

His Excellency added that QCC’s  legal metrology services ensure the accuracy of the  measurement tools used in the markets as well as of those that could affect the health and safety of individuals and the environment. The Council also effectively controls the quantities of local and imported pre-packed products, in order to protect the rights of both the merchants and the consumers thereby enhancing confidence in the local markets and supporting the Abu Dhabi economy.



Update On7 Feb 2022
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