Abu Dhabi, November 02, 2021: The Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity Council (QCC) today announced entering into a partnership with Abu-Dhabi based leading health-tech company G42 Healthcare to enhance its testing services offered by the Central Testing Laboratory.

In a statement, QCC said the partnership will reinforce the Abu Dhabi leadership’s directives of public sector entities joining hands with the private sector as part of the national agenda to ensure a sustainable economy built on knowledge base. QCC, concerned with developing the quality infrastructure of Abu Dhabi, said that such partnerships will lead to increased competitiveness, expertise and diversity.

H.E. Dr. Helal Al Kaabi, Secretary - General of the Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity Council, who signed the agreement with H.E. Mansoor Al Mansoori, Group Chief Operating Officer of G42, said: “The partnership will enhance Abu Dhabi’s competitiveness and contribute to providing high-quality services benchmarked to global standards. It will also reinforce the Council’s leadership and pioneering role in developing Abu Dhabi’s quality infrastructure, in addition to help build and achieve a competitive, sustainable and open global economy.”

Under the terms of the partnership agreement, QCC will delegate the services of the Central Testing Laboratory to the Abu Dhabi-based G42 Healthcare, including the management and operations of the entity’s laboratories.

Ashish Koshy, CEO, G42 Healthcare, said, “This is a significant partnership that will enhance laboratory testing services and quality infrastructure in the UAE. As a forward-looking company, we are committed to uphold innovative collaborations and are effectively scaling AI to fuel the next generation of innovation.  We are working towards a future, where technology and multi-stakeholder collaboration 

becomes the norm. This collaboration will see our dedicated investments in terms of resources, technology and knowledge transfer to enhance the overall value chain development for ADQCC.”

QCC said the goal was to expand the scope of testing and conformity services of the Central Testing Laboratory. The partnership will help develop the laboratory’s capabilities to address the needs of government agencies across various vital economic and social sectors of Abu Dhabi, and to expand the testing services into new industrial areas. It will also support QCC’s studies, research and specialized consultations across production processes in the industrial sector and development of local products.

Al Kaabi said delegation of the Central Testing Laboratory’s services to G42 Healthcare will ensure business continuity in targeted economic sectors and build information systems from the available database deploying AI, to the benefit of QCC’s strategic partners.

The mandate to G42 Healthcare is for laboratory testing services across food and beverages, water, medicines, medical devices, cosmetics, perfumes, agriculture, packaging materials and food contact materials, apart from radiation and environmental checks. These testing services will be conducted at the Central Testing Laboratory in partnership with G42 Healthcare.

Dr. Al Kaabi said G42 Healthcare will also provide support in advanced technology and in establishing an Artificial Intelligence base to process the large volume of data with the Central Testing Laboratory.

He stressed the importance of continuous cooperation between the public and private sector to support QCC’s partners in developing their work processes and to raise quality, safety and efficiency standards.  There is a system of cooperation and communication with all relevant authorities and partners to ensure QCC’s programmes reach across sectors. There are also centres of registration and evaluation to ensure the effectiveness and impact of programmes in meeting the requirements of different sectors.
Dr. Al Kaabi said digital transformation and the adoption of artificial intelligence techniques will serve as the locomotive of the UAE economy towards the future in the next 50 years. Knowledge economy will pave the way to future and the UAE government by adopting the latest technologies is poised to make growth leaps to achieve national goals, he said. 

Dr. Al Kaabi said large deployment of AI applications in government and private sector, support to entrepreneurs, startups, and innovators to develop AI software by providing advanced infrastructure will ensure projects of quality.

He mentioned that the Council’s cooperation with local authorities is part of its mandate to develop quality infrastructure in Abu Dhabi and to contribute to the goals set by the Abu Dhabi Plan to build a competitive, sustainable, and global open economy. He added that the partnership with G42 Healthcare will benefit QCC's business partners.


Update On7 Feb 2022
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