Abu Dhabi, March 4, 2024: In cooperation with the Department of Energy, the Conformity Assessment Services Department of the Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity Council has approved personnel services conformity programs for 8 professions in the oil and gas sector in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

This follows the completion of the pilot program and final tests of the Personnel Services professional conformity programs for workers in the field of oil and liquefied petroleum gas. The evaluation process assessed the skills and competencies of 100 workers in two stages, aligned with the targeted professions within the 8 conformity programs.

The targeted professions in the program include the profession of a copper pipe installation technician, the profession of a precision instrumentation electrician, the profession of a gas pipe fitter, the profession of a gas pipe welding assistant, the profession of a liquefied petroleum gas cylinder Transportation Assistant, the profession of a service meter connection and disconnection reader, the profession of an operations boy, and the profession of a carbon steel pipe installation welding technician.

The accreditation and practical tests for these professions aim to ensure that workers in the oil and liquefied petroleum gas sector possess the necessary skills and competencies to perform their tasks effectively and safely. The results of these tests will contribute to enhancing and refining the conformity requirements for the targeted professions in the future.

Eng. Badr Khamis Al Shemaili, Executive Director of the Conformity & Standards Services Sector, expressed his satisfaction with the adoption of the conformity programs for individuals' services for targeted professions and the conduct of practical tests for these professions.

He expressed his gratitude and appreciation to the Department of Energy for their constructive cooperation and partnership in conducting and evaluating these tests.

Mr. Badr also extended his thanks and appreciation to the Conformity Assessment Services Management team at the council for their efforts in implementing this program.

He also emphasized the significance of collaboration between the government and private sectors in executing and evaluating conformity programs. This collaboration enhances the continuous efforts to elevate the quality and performance standards in the oil and liquefied petroleum gas sector in Abu Dhabi.


Update On7 Feb 2022
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