Abu Dhabi, March 23, 2023: The Emirates Metrology Institute of the Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity Council (QCC) in its participation at the meetings of the Advisory Committee on Electricity and Magnets of the International Bureau of Weights and Measures (BIPM) in Paris, presented a report on the measurement, calibration and inter-comparison capabilities of the Gulf Metrology Association (GULFMET), among discussions on worldwide electrical metrology.

His Excellency Saeed Mohammed Al Muhairi, Executive Director of the Institute, emphasized the importance of the Institute’s participation in the meeting as a representative of the UAE as well as the Chairman of the Committee on Electricity, Magnets, Time and Frequency in GULFMET, and in line with the goals to achieve regional leadership and to play an effective role internationally.

The Institute’s Chairman of the Electricity, Magnetism, Time and Frequency Committee of the GULFMET, Engineer Walid Al-Kalbani, presented a report on the capabilities of measurement, calibration and inter-comparisons of the regional entity and on Regional Organizations (RMOs) which contribute to raising the capabilities of member states in regional groupings.

He added that the Electricity, Magnet, Time and Frequency  Committee of  GULFMET is working on implementing activities and programs in cooperation with member states and  regional organizations to fulfill the  mutual recognition arrangement in calibration and measurement capabilities (CMCs), conducting complementary comparisons, participating in relevant advisory committees, and organizing training programs.


Update On7 Feb 2022
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