ABU DHABI, September 15,2021 The strategic initiatives of the Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity Council (QCC) to ensure quality infrastructure in the emirate is aligned to the goal of the government’s vision of fostering non-oil growth, said HE. Dr. Helal Al Kaabi, Secretary-General.


Draws up strategy for the next 50 years of progress
Provides globally-benchmarked measurement standards serving national businesses and social sectors
Carries out examinations on 29,33 thousand samples and completes 293,333 tests; Verifies 10,77 thousand measurement devices

QCC’s work and standards are benchmarked to the quality infrastructure of many developed countries, he said, adding that the Council has drawn up a clear strategic roadmap of progress in line with the nation’s aspirations for the next 50 years.
The Council’s future vision and mission are based on a practical outlook and its projects are rooted in innovation, knowledge and modern scientific approach, anticipating future progress and leadership of Abu Dhabi and the UAE.

Since establishment in 2009, QCC has come a long way and has many distinguished achievements to its credit across sectors, HE Al Kaabi said. The Council started    providing services in 2011, and last year despite the exceptional circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Council’s work had positive impact on consumers and markets in Abu Dhabi.
H.E Al-Kaabi said that 596 services provided by the Council obtained international accreditation last year.  He said the Council has examined about 29,33 thousand samples and completed tests of  293,333. The  number of inspected product samples reached 71,484, while in the case of legal measurement, 10,799 devices were verified.

The Council’s conformity programmes and release of technical documents in various sectors have led to a saving of over AED 320 million by reducing the cost of water consumption and desalination of 50 million cubic meters of water.  In addition, there has been a significant reduction in energy consumption by over 70 per cent in the case of street lights, in turn leading to lower carbon emissions. The conformity programs and technical guideline documents together resulted in a saving of over AED 700 million annually through rationalization of electricity consumption by 5,550 gigawatt-hours per year, he said.

Al Kaabi said the Council brought all testing laboratories under one umbrella of the Central Testing Laboratory, which led to raising the efficiency and capability to provide many categories of services across diverse verticals. In order to achieve the strategic goal of making the Central Testing Laboratory a reputed regional testing and conformity assessment hub, it offers testing across food, beverages, water, building materials, radioactivity, environment, medicines, medical devices, cosmetics and agriculture, comprising 473 main and over 3,250 sub-testing services.  These services are provided at the main laboratory and construction laboratory in Abu Dhabi as well as at the Al Ain branch. New services such as 4 merit programs were also introduced in 2014 to support laboratory accreditation system in the country.

The Secretary-General said the Council also harmonized a wide range of specifications to 253 standardized documents. The most prominent of these were the guidelines for the specifications of services infrastructure in Abu Dhabi, and 58 matching programs for individual services, and 39 for products.
His Excellency said the Council’s strategic objectives in the conformity services sector is to support the development of quality infrastructure across standardization and calibration, harmonization of technical documents and  conformity programs to enhance the quality and competitiveness of goods and services in Abu Dhabi.
In the market and consumer services sector launched in 2011, QCC’s endeavor has been to develop, improve and sustain the services by implementing processes to optimize use of resources, enhance efficiency, empower and train the employees, in addition to supporting effective planning. The implementation, follow-up and measurement of these services ensured development of local industries, enhance their competitiveness, and ensure the safety and consumer rights in Abu Dhabi.

The market and consumer services sector achieved all its goals in the last 10 years, and particularly in 2020 despite the pandemic, Al-Kaabi said. He said that 10,779 metrological verification processes on legal measurement tools were conducted across devices at retail outlets, petroleum derivatives’ sales counters, ground gauges as well as on length and tire pressure gauges.
QCC also conducted 3,481 metrological verification processes on pre-packaged products and 71,484 conformity inspections on the labeling of restricted products, ranging from household electrical appliances to children’s toys, vehicle tires, household cleaners, food contact materials, tobacco products and cigarettes.

QCC has carried out over 4.5 million tests since bringing all laboratories under the Central Testing Laboratory in 2014, he said. Over the years, the laboratory expanded its capabilities across various fields. Its reputation for efficiency and accuracy has resulted in it being registered by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) as a member of The Global Soil Laboratory Network (GLOSOLAN), as well as the Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory assigning leadership role for the laboratory to standardize soil investigation working methods in the region.

On the Emirates Metrology Institute, Al Kaabi said that it is a pioneering institute with regional influence. The institute’s establishment has impacted positively on the UAE’s economy, including on the industrial sector which has benefited from cost and time efficiency leading to global acceptance. The institute’s role and services have grown from national to a regional level in matters of metrology, he said. The institute now provides metrological support to raise the efficiency of the metrological system in the GCC countries.



Update On7 Feb 2022
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