Abu Dhabi, 17 January 2024: During the fourth quarter of the previous year, the Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity Council achieved positive performance indicators in its operational sectors. The Markets & Consumer Services Sector inspected 19,571 products to verify their conformity to standards, comprising 18,123 products during field inspections and 1,448 products through online platforms.

According to monitoring by the Emirates News Agency (WAM), based on official data obtained from the council, the Market & Consumer Services Sector verified 2,173 legal measuring instruments. The total number of pre-packaged products verified in the same period amounted to 134 products, equivalent to 2,680 samples.

The Market & Consumer Services Sector recalled 14 products from the markets due to non-compliance with the required specifications and standards, affecting 882 goods. Additionally, 12 products were corrected, equivalent to 1,051 goods. 

In turn, the Central Testing Laboratory of the Council conducted 139,575 laboratory tests in various examination fields, covering food, liquids, water, medicines, medical equipment, building and construction materials, transformer oils, environment, agriculture, and cosmetics.

The laboratory conducted 42,184 tests on food and liquids, 76,861 water tests, 272 tests on medicines and medical equipment, 2,831 tests on building and construction materials, 640 tests on transformer oils, 12,659 environmental tests, 3,851 agricultural tests, 173 cosmetics tests, and 104 general tests. Additionally, 36 technical consultations were provided.

In turn, the Emirates of Metrology Institute, affiliated with the Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity Council, issued 233 calibration certificates ('Qiyas') during the fourth quarter of 2023. The institute also conducted 31 benchmarking activities, equivalent to 63 working hours, implemented 11 training programs, issued 60 training certificates, provided 10 consulting services, and issued 10 consulting reports.

The Conformity and Standards Services Sector issued a certificate of conformity for personnel services in 1994, renewed another 2,709 certificates, issued a registration certificate for 55 products, 63 product conformity certificates, and renewed another 84 certificates. Additionally, 8 licenses were issued using the trust mark, and another 37 licenses were renewed.

The performance of the operational sectors of the Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity Council during the fourth quarter of 2023 confirms the council's commitment to building solid foundations for quality control. This commitment is based on its responsibilities to protect community health and ensure food security through ongoing periodic inspections.


Update On7 Feb 2022
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