Abu Dhabi June 12,2023 Abu Dhabi Quality & Conformity Council (ADQCC) announced the launching of a new service for verifying Abu Dhabi manufactured pre-packaged products to ensure their conformity with specifications and conditions stipulated in Emirati legislations and specifications regarding the validity of information, quantity, measuring unit volume, length, and area.

Information Validity
The ADQCC is tasked with monitoring the pre-packaged products to ensure the conformity of the information card attached to the product, which includes nominal quantity, the product announced measuring unit, the validity of the product quantity in the pre-packaged products, verifying the fixed and changeable nominal value of pre-packaged products that are prepared for direct sale in Abu Dhabi as well as locally packed manufactured or imported products using weight, volume, length, area or number units.  
The service for verification of pre-packaged products circulated in the local markets includes monitoring five types of pre-packaged products; solid packages, liquid packages, solid packages in liquid (net weight), packages sold in units, and packages sold according to length and area.  
The council also successfully implemented the first and the second phases of the service for verification of tire air pressure measuring devices in Abu Dhabi to enhance the Abu Dhabi roads' safety and security and beef up the integrated transportation ecosystem according to the global best practices and standards.
The first phase of the service for verification of tire air pressure measuring devices included ADNOC stations and sales outlets, whereas the second phase included tire selling and repair shops.
The launching of the new services is a part of the council's plan to develop Abu Dhabi’s quality and conformity services ecosystem to effectively participate in raising the compliance level to related legislations and technical regulations, and enhance products' safety and quality for the benefit of the emirate economy, quality and prosperity of the society, and ensure markets safety and fairness.

 Air Pressure Measuring
The service for verification of tire pressure measuring devices reflects the ADQCC's keenness to put consumers first and provide them with the highest level of safety and security while driving on roads by raising the compliance level of tire air pressure conditions and specifications. The new service is a part of the council's continuous efforts to create safe and fair markets in Abu Dhabi by ensuring the accuracy of legal measuring instruments throughout Abu Dhabi. 
The service is in line with the mandatory requirements stipulated in the related laws and regulations, especially, Regulation no 75 for the year 2016, organizing UAE's legal measuring instrument, and Regulation no 16 for the year 2018, which contained 11 measuring instruments, including the tires air pressure measuring devices.
H.E. Khalaf Al Mazrouei, the ADQCC’s Executive Director for the Markets and Consumers Sector, said: "Tires air pressure measuring devices verification service is a part of ADQCC's monitoring role and caters to the requirements and obligations of the delegation agreement signed between the council and Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology to ensure the continuous verification of legal measuring instrument and pre-packaged products throughout Abu Dhabi, including air pressure measuring devices as well as ensuring the safety of individuals and enhance the services level in all Abu Dhabi's sectors and fields according to the global best conformity and quality standards.
H.E. added: " The service for verification of tire pressure measuring devices contributes to achieving the zero-vision strategy launched by the joint traffic safety committee to reduce the roads accidents mortality rate to reach the goal of zero mortality". 

Services Innovation
H.E. Khalaf Al Mazrouei affirmed that the Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity Council is keen to innovate services and initiatives that contribute to achieving the directives of Abu Dhabi's wise leadership, implementing the Abu Dhabi 2030 strategy's vision, principles, and targets by raising the level of national products safety and quality and enhancing their ability to compete locally, regionally and internationally through and encouraging producers to comply with the specification and conformity while motivating consumers to prefer the product that carries the trust mark as well as catering to the aspirations and needs of the society and improving their living standards.
"The Markets and Consumers Sector at ADQCC is leading the formulation of annual plans to monitor the pre-packaged products, including visits to Abu Dhabi's most important manufacturers and suppliers to verify the packages produced by the factory or imported by the company as well as taking samples of different products circulated in markets at the direct sale outlets for testing at the council's laboratories according to specific standards to test the pre-packaged products subjected to verification including their relevance to the emirates' consumers, consumptions volumes and their economic value. The council also handles consumer complaints through the Abu Dhabi government's call center or social media channels". Al Mazrouei added.


Update On7 Feb 2022
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