Abu Dhabi: 28 August 2023, The Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity Council announced that the parentage of Emirati women –talents employed by the council has risen to 41% of the total workforce, stressing that the female cadre has proven their worthiness and dedication in performing their professional duties.

Ebitsam Saeed, Senior Analyst at the council's Central Testing Laboratory, said that the lab's analyst plays a crucial role in formulating the lab's operational plans, developing its initiatives and necessary work mechanisms and implementing them, including thinking, analyzing, following up the fulfillment of all specialized activities related to special lab testing, and ensuring the accuracy of its results.

Ebitsam, who specializes in Organic Chemistry, is working at Al Ain Organic Chemistry Lab and commands extensive experience in the laboratories sector in addition to her academic study in her specialization.

She explained that women had played vital roles in the council's journey and made their presence felt and ability to succeed and give trip ceaselessly. Side by side with their brother's colleagues. Ebitsam Stressed that the councils have devoted a lot of support for women to empower them and develop their skills professionally.

Shaikha Al Ameri, a lab technician at G42 for health care, said:" Thanks to our wise leadership vision to dedicate the utmost priority to provide all forms of support and help, Emirati women have become a crucial partner in the country's various institutions sustainable building journey."

"UAE and its people are proud of the Emirati women's achievements, which reached a milestone in pioneers and excellence in serving the nation,' she added.

Engineer Asmaa Mohammed Al Husani, a Principal of Metrologies at the Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity Council's Mass, Volume, and Flow Laboratory, said that her role on the national level is to make sure and preserve the national reference mass unit, providing highly efficient calibrations and measurements services, and excellent technical ability to our clients in the approved calibrations laboratories and the crucial sectors in UAE and the region.

"In doing so, we contribute to achieving the sustainability of the industrial sector and the economy, enhancing the industrial sector, and raising the competitiveness of our national products in the international and regional markets. In addition to achieving financial savings for the crucial sectors in UAE," Asmaa explained.

"On the regional, international, and Gulf levels, I have been assigned to represent UAE at the Gulf metrological assembly as head of the quality department, in addition to representing the Gulf region in the international arena in the same field," Asmaa noted.
"Building on the foundations laid down by the founder, the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the council dedicates the utmost priority to women's roles and provides ceaseless support for them and makes every possible effort to clear hurdles and harassing all resources to hone their practical and technical skills, hoping to reach the expert level that achieves sustainability and excellence in the Metrological science" Asmaa explained.

On Emirati Women's Day, Asmaa renewed her loyalty and commitment to serve the nation and society, saying that the government has opened the m support doors for its daughters and harnessed the resources provided by the leadership and their confidence in the importance of women's participation to enhance the country journey and reinforces its ranking to be an active element in all life's fields.

Soumia Al Mansouri, a lab technician, said she is performing lab tests that help healthcare specialists, such as doctors, to discover diseases and diagnose their causes and treatment methods.


Update On7 Feb 2022
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